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Alfonsina Falcone, the chef and owner of “La Civetta” is very well known and appreciated in the world of old-fashioned cuisine. In 1987, he began his adventure as a cook and manager in the structure built on a hill in the most unprecedented place of Agropoli, facing the sea to the Gulf of Salerno on whose horizon line the island of Capri and the tip Campanella , clear and shining in times of greater transparency. Here, in the Campanina di Agropoli locality “La Civetta” is born, in a position of great environmental value in the area of ​​the Cilento National Park, in the strip along the historical route of the Greeks who founded and developed their civilization and culture between Velia (ancient Elea), home of Parmenides, founder of the Eleatic school and Paestum city that animated traffic and economy throughout the area of ​​Magna Crecia. Alfonsina enthusiastically learns the art of maritime cooking from her mother-in-law, daughter of fishermen and the more traditional one from her aunt Rosa, who grew up in the world of the Abbots. As it happens, for all those who know how to seize the moment of fortune, Alfonsina meets in Vallo di Diano, Alfonso Benincasa, famous and international master of creative cuisine, distinguished with gold medal at Erba, in Stuttgart, at the prestigious Culinary World Cup and with silver medal in Salzburg. Alfonso Benincasa gave her the secrets to make the table a place of joy and pleasure. The owl, a bird of different interpretations, has made the fortune of the place and the place. The local, born by his will, takes the name of the famous nocturnal bird, which found in the family property the natural and protected nesting. Ms. Falcone was the first to realize the family business and to give her a special characteristic that made her famous for 30 years. The event is even more important if we consider that the Alfonsina has built itself, without attending cooking schools, but creating a style that has easily penetrated people’s tastes. Today he continues to live his dream, with the same passion but more experience, with the help of Emiliano, his son, and his friends.



The initial activities for the preparation of pizza are all carried out and personally controlled by the owners, Emiliano and chef Alfonsina.

Emiliano has been preparing the dough since 1990, faithfully respecting the ancient recipe. The wood-burning oven is lit in the early afternoon by the owner himself, using only local wood. Pizza is prepared with different flours, all bio and stone-based., Obtaining a semi-wholemeal mixture, for 95% made from old-fashioned wheat flour. Dictated by tradition using the method of natural leavening. The ingredients, flavors and seasonings, are always been prepared by chef Alfonsina, preserving the organoleptic properties of each product. Cooking in a wood oven, started with olive fagots and “munnuliato” with myrtle fronds, is another added value, due to the scent it returns to our pizza. The result is a pizza, light, fragrant, highly digestible and with a unique taste.

The restaurant – pizzeria opens only during the summer months.